Roblox Life

(Above) People sopa protesting (I was the one in the blue dress behind those two front people)




Caramelldansen (English vers.mp3

About me

When I was a younger person, I would always like pink and girly girl stuff, but when I cam back to ROBLOX after what I thought was a tragic loss but just a series of lies, I came back better than ever. I also came back against people being being sexist and that was the year of ice, I became addapted to ice. I turned blue (Meantally) and went inside out. My world started crashing around me and there was nobody there to help me rebuild it. I took action with the colour blue , I was close to it. Roblox became addictive and I recommend it for everyone.

With my great imagination, I decied to put it to good use, from now on I will try to write in an electronic diary on a daily baisis and write stories when I feel like it.

Well, that's all I can think of right now, so, this is Wailord, signing out!



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